Key Takeaways

  • U-Haul will allow pets inside their trucks.
  • They will not allow you to put the dog in the back of the truck with all the cargo.
  • They will charge you a cleaning fee if you leave stains or fur inside the vehicle.

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Moving is always a difficult task, especially when you have a pet. U-Haul makes it a little easier, but what is their pet policy for rental trucks?

U-Haul does not have an official pet policy, but they do allow dogs and other pets in their trucks. They will not allow you to put the pet in the cargo area. So it’s best to put your dog next to you in a crate to avoid fur and paying an extra cleaning fee.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to ensure a seamless and pet-friendly moving experience with U-Haul. I’ve spoken to multiple U-Haul reps to confirm their policy, so this guide is entirely accurate with the most up to date information.

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U-Haul’s Pet Policy: The Do’s And Don’ts

U-Haul does not have an official policy regarding pets. This means that you can bring your pet with you in a U-Haul vehicle unofficially.

U-Haul is not unfriendly to pets. It’s possible to bring your pet, but they do recommend recommendations. They tell customers not to transport animals in the truck's cargo bed. A moving truck can be dangerous if they are not strapped in.

They also mention that if you bring a pet in the cab of their trucks, you are responsible for cleaning. Since pets could shed hair or leave a smell, they can charge a $25 cleaning fee when you return the rental truck.

Some of the common pets we know they’ve allowed inside a rental before include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Rodents
  • Amphibians

In general, pets should not be transported in the cargo area, as it can be unsafe and uncomfortable. U-Haul trucks are not designed for animals in the back.

If you are planning to move and need to bring your pet, provide them with the necessary accommodations, such as a pet carrier or crate, to ensure their safety and comfort.

In addition, it's worth noting some helpful tips for driving with pets. Here are some points to consider for responsible pet owners.

  • Stop for bathroom breaks in safe, well-lit areas, always keeping your dog on a leash.
  • Carry disposable bags so you can pick up your dog's droppings and discard them properly.
  • Keep puppy-training pads in the vehicle in case you can't stop in time for a bathroom break.

You should take the necessary precautions when bringing your pet to a U-Haul vehicle. My experience has shown that, in most cases, as long as you respect the vehicle and ensure your pet is comfortable and safe, you shouldn't encounter any issues.

Types of Pets Allowed In a U-Haul Truck

When planning to move with household pets like dogs and cats, it's always a good idea to contact the local U-Haul branch and discuss the specific situation with them. They might have additional recommendations or requirements for ensuring a safe and stress-free move with pets.

Service Animals

As an individual researching U-Haul's pet policy, I couldn't find an official statement regarding service animals. However, service animals are generally allowed in public spaces and businesses.

They are legally protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It's safe to assume that U-Haul would accommodate service animals, as they are essential for people with disabilities.

Household Pets

When it comes to household pets like dogs and cats, I've found that U-Haul does not have an official pet policy.

It's important to note that U-Haul does not recommend carrying pets in the cabs, as shedding hair or odors can become an issue. While driving, it's essential to ensure that pets are appropriately secured in the vehicle.

Use car restraints, harnesses, dog seat belts, or crates. This is important for the pets' and the driver's safety and well-being. These doggie seat belts can be found at most pet stores.

It's worth mentioning that transporting animals in the back of U-Haul moving vans or trailers violates the rental agreement, as the vehicles are not designed for that purpose and it would be unsafe.

How To Travel In a U-Haul with Pets

U-Haul wants to keep your furry friend safe, and they try to offer the best advice so you can properly introduce your pet to new surroundings. They include the following guidelines for pet owners to consider.

Pet Safety Tips

When I travel with my pets in a U-Haul, their safety is my top priority. I ensure they are always upfront with me, either in a harness or crate, if they don't take kindly to long drives.

It's important to remember that under no circumstances should pets be traveling in the cargo section of a U-Haul truck. I also keep current identification tags on my pets and use proper leashes before driving with them.

When traveling with birds or reptiles, I ensure their cages are secure with enough ventilation and avoid placing any boxes on top of them.

Another essential safety tip is to never leave pets unattended in the truck. To keep them comfortable, I keep water and food readily available throughout the trip.

Packing a Pet Essentials Kit

Before hitting the road, I always pack an essential pet kit for my furry friends. The essentials I include are:

  • Food and water bowls
  • Food and treats
  • A leash or harness
  • Toys for entertainment
  • Pet waste bags
  • Collapsible travel crates or carriers
  • Bedding and blankets
  • Any necessary medication

This kit ensures that I can quickly and efficiently tend to my pets' needs during pit stops or overnight stays. By being prepared and following these safety tips, I can ensure that my pets and I have a stress-free and comfortable journey in a U-Haul.

Vehicle Rental Policy

The U-Haul pet policy allows animals in the truck. But they don't necessarily recommend transporting pets in the cab of their trucks in case they shed hair or leave a smell behind.

This will likely result in cleaning fees. They offer good deals during Responsible Pet Owners Month too.

Cleaning Policy

If I decide to bring my pet along, I should be aware of the potential cleaning fees. Excessive pet hair, soiling, or damage in the rental vehicle could result in a cleaning fee, which ranges across different vehicle rental companies between $50 and $250.

They have similar rules to pet-friendly hotels. Consider using a crate or carrier for my pet, as it provides a safer environment and helps to contain any shedding or messes.