Key Takeaways

  • Ollie’s company policy does not allow dogs or other pets inside their stores.
  • Store employees have confirmed to us that if a dog is leashed and well-behaved, many stores will allow them inside.
  • All store locations allow service animals.

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Bargain shopping with a pet is a lot of fun. And one of the best places to visit for good deals is Ollie’s, but are they pet friendly?

Ollie’s is not considered a pet-friendly store according to their store policies. They only allow service animals inside most store locations. But we learned from current employees that the store is lenient, and they don’t enforce this rule much if the pet visiting is leashed and well-behaved.

By exploring Ollie’s policies and guidelines, we help pet owners make informed decisions when considering a visit to Ollie's with their beloved four-legged friends. So, let's unravel the truth behind Ollie's pet friendliness and shed light on what you can expect when bringing your pet along for a shopping excursion.

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Is Ollie's Pet Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed? (Complete Guide 2023)

Ollie’s is not considered a pet-friendly store. It turns out Ollie's officially allows only ADA-compliant service dogs in their stores.

However, interestingly enough, I came across many individual stores that seem to have no reservations about allowing well-behaved pet dogs as well. I guess there might be a little flexibility in their policy, depending on the specific store you visit.

If you decide to bring your dog to an Ollie's store that does welcome dogs, it's advisable to have your pet in a harness. This way, other shoppers will feel more comfortable, and it will show that you're taking responsibility for your furry friend's behavior.

So, Ollie's isn't universally pet friendly, but there's a good chance you'll find a few stores that are open to dog visitors. Make sure your beloved canine is well-behaved, on a harness, and you should be good to go.

Pet Policy For Ollie's Stores That Allow Dogs

When visiting an Oillie’s location, you’ll need to confirm they are dog friendly before arriving. Unfortunately for dog lovers, not all stores will allow dog shopping. But you can always bring a service dog to your local store.

The pet policies vary depending on the location. So consider the following before bringing four-legged shoppers with you.

Store Policies

While Ollie's official policy allows only ADA-compliant service dogs, I've noticed that some individual stores are more lenient. Many Ollie's locations express no reservations about permitting well-behaved pet dogs as long as they're properly harnessed or leashed.

All locations will allow service animals inside the store, regardless of the store location. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is one of the few pet supply stores that does not allow pets at all locations.

Customer Experiences

As a dog owner myself, I've had positive experiences at Ollie's stores that welcomed my furry friend. I ensure that my dog remains on a leash and is well-behaved to show respect for the store's policy and other customers.

In my encounters with fellow shoppers and their dogs, it seems that most people appreciate the open-minded approach that Ollie's takes at select locations.

We all understand the importance of following guidelines and maintaining a pleasant shopping environment for everyone involved.

Remember, it's essential to always double-check your local Ollie's pet policy before heading out with your dog. And, if your pup is allowed, be a responsible pet owner by following all store rules and keeping your dog leashed and under control.

Service Animals in Ollie's Store Locations

Service animals are generally allowed in Ollie's store locations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. But there are still some things to know when visiting.

Americans with Disabilities Act

According to the ADA, service animals are dogs trained to perform tasks directly related to a person's disability. They are not required to be certified or go through a professional training program, and they don't have to wear a vest or other identification that indicates they're a service dog.

Many stores comply with these rules too. You’ll notice that many locations are happy to welcome a tamed animal on a short leash, especially if they are a service animal too.

How Ollie's Accommodates

Although Ollie's doesn't allow pets inside their stores, they do accommodate service animals as required by the ADA. Service animals are welcome in all Ollie's locations as long as the animal is housebroken, leashed, and under its owner's control.

Additionally, Ollie's provides an outdoor pet relief area for customers with pets. While Ollie's pet policy states that only ADA-compliant service dogs are allowed, some individual stores might express no reservations about allowing well-behaved pet dogs.

That being said, it is safer for my dog to wear a harness when visiting such stores. So while Ollie's is not generally pet-friendly, they do accommodate service animals in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Some stores may also allow well-behaved pet dogs, but always make sure to have your dog in a harness for safety purposes.

Tips for Bringing Dogs to Ollie's

If you're planning to bring your dog to Ollie's, a store or establishment, here are some tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Check The Store's Pet Rules

Before visiting an Ollie's store with your pup, I recommend calling the specific store to ask about their pet policy.

Some stores might be more lenient than others, so it's good to know ahead of time. It's important to remember that all Ollie's locations allow service animals as required by law.

Leash and Control

When I bring my dog to a store that allows pets, I always use a leash and make sure they're under control. It's important to keep your dog close to you and to avoid allowing them to roam freely.

This ensures their safety and creates a more comfortable shopping experience for you and other customers.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

I make it a point to bring waste bags and clean up after my dog immediately if they have any accidents. Hygiene and cleanliness are important in public settings, and it shows respect towards the store and fellow shoppers.

Carry a few extra waste bags, just in case. The store employees will not clean up after your animal, especially if they have an accident.

Awareness of Surroundings

When my dog is with me in a store, I keep an eye on my surroundings and consider how other shoppers might feel. Some people might be afraid of dogs or have allergies.

Being aware of and respecting their personal space makes the shopping experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

Ollie's doesn't generally allow pets, but service animals are welcome. It is also crucial to call ahead, maintain control, be mindful of cleanliness, and be aware of your surroundings when considering bringing your dog to Ollie's.