Key Takeaways

  • Most HomeGoods locations are dog-friendly, allowing customers to shop with furry companions.
  • All service dogs are allowed in Homegoods stores, regardless of the store’s pet policy.
  • Dogs must be on a leash or in a crate and well-behaved when they visit a Homegoods store location.

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Are you a dog owner who loves to shop with your furry friend by your side? If so, you're probably curious if stores like Homegoods are dog friendly.

Most HomeGoods locations are dog-friendly, allowing shoppers to bring their pets along. However, it's essential to understand that their pet policy can vary by location, as it's typically at the store management's discretion. As a result, some locations might be more welcoming to dogs than others.

In the following sections, we'll explore HomeGoods' pet policy specifics, discuss common questions regarding shopping with your dog, and provide useful tips for ensuring a pleasant experience for you and your canine companion. So, if you're eager to learn more about bringing your dog to HomeGoods, read on.

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Is Homegoods Dog Friendly?

Good news for dog owners. HomeGoods stores are dog friendly and permit you to bring your four-legged companion along while shopping. However, it's important to remember that the pet policy can vary by location, as it is usually up to store management's discretion.

As part of the TJ Maxx family of stores, HomeGoods is known for being dog-friendly in many locations. While there isn't an official pet policy across all stores, each individual store may have its own rules and restrictions.

To avoid surprises, it's always best to call ahead and inquire about the specific pet policy at the location you plan to visit. When you bring your dog to HomeGoods, ensure they are always kept on a leash while in the store. This improves their safety and the comfort of other shoppers.

If your dog happens to have an accident in the store, there is no need to stress. Simply clean it up or notify a store associate so they can promptly take care of the situation.

While most HomeGoods stores are dog-friendly, please remember that it's not guaranteed since policies may differ based on location and management. It's always a good idea to double-check before arrival.

HomeGoods' Official Pet Policy

HomeGoods is known for being a dog-friendly store, but it's important to note that the company does not have an official pet policy. Instead, each store has its own set of rules and restrictions related to pets, influenced by local management and ordinances.

We spoke with stores to learn more about the unofficial policy. Dogs are allowed but they must be well-behaved and on a leash. We’ll explain more below.

Service & Non-Service Dogs Are Allowed

Regular dogs and service animals are allowed in Homegoods stores. The policy may differ for regular pets, but all Homegoods locations are legally required to allow service animals.

This includes Diabetic Aware Dogs or a hearing dog. This pet-friendly store will allow customers to shop in peace with their service animal. This is why we recommend calling ahead because there are plenty of stores that will allow only service dogs.

Emotional support animals are allowed in the store too. But these non-service animals are considered traditional pets. The unofficial dog policy allows them inside.

Dogs Should Be Leashed Or In A Crate

Dogs allowed in Homegoods must always be on a leash or inside a carrier crate. This is typically the case at all retail stores that allow dogs. This is based on local ordinances and state policies.

No dogs should ever be freely roaming inside the store at any store location. This can lead to problems for the employees if anything were to happen.

Animals Must Be Friendly & Behave

Finally, any animal must be well-behaved when visiting Homegoods. A well-behaved dog is friendly and has no accidents inside the store.

Consider the type of dog too. A large golden retriever is more likely to be high energy and hard to control inside the store than a cute little Frenchie. The store’s management reserves the right to tell any animal acting aggressively to leave the store.

Do The Homegoods Dog Policy Vary At Different Locations?

While some HomeGoods locations allow dogs in the store, it's important to note that their pet policy varies depending on the location. The store manager can decide on a store’s pet policy.

Regardless of the location, service dogs are always allowed inside all HomeGoods stores in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

If you're unsure about your local HomeGoods store's pet policy, it's best to call ahead and ask before bringing your dog with you. As these policies can change, confirming before visiting is always a good idea.

Tips for Shopping with Your Dog At Homegoods

Assuming the local Homegoods allows dogs, some tips can make the shopping experience safer and more enjoyable. Follow these recommendations to avoid any issues.

Behavior and Obedience

It's essential to ensure your dog is well-behaved before taking them to HomeGoods or any other pet-friendly store. Your dog should be comfortable in crowded and loud environments.

Always keep your dog on a leash to prevent any disturbances to other shoppers or store merchandise. Dogs with aggressive behavior or poor social skills can be problematic in stores like this.

Safety Measures

Before visiting, contact your local HomeGoods store to ask about their pet policy, as policies may vary between stores. We suggest calling ahead to save time and ensure a positive experience for you and your pet.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Cleaning up after your dog is vital for maintaining a pleasant shopping atmosphere. Discard any mess in designated waste receptacles within the store.

It is advisable to bring Dog waste bags or appropriate cleanup materials with you during your visit to ensure you can take care of any accidents promptly and efficiently. Dogs allowed should be potty trained for this reason too.

Brings Food or Treats

A bag of treats or a little dog food can be helpful for dog owners. This is a good way to reward the dog for positive behavior in the store. Some Homegoods employees like to pet dogs and keep treats for when they visit too.

Dog-Friendly Alternatives to Homegoods

While HomeGoods is generally known for being pet-friendly, it's best to call your local store to confirm their pet policy. If your local HomeGoods does not allow dogs, don't worry. There are alternative dog-friendly stores where you can shop with your furry friend.

1. PetSmart: Larger pet supply chain allows pets inside their stores, so you and your dog can shop for pet supplies together.

2. Lowes: Many Lowes locations are dog-friendly and allow well-behaved dogs on leashes.

3. The Home Depot: Similar to Lowes, a number of Home Depot stores also welcome dogs on leashes.

4. Pottery Barn: This home furnishings store typically has a pet-friendly policy, but it's best to contact your local store to confirm.

5. Apple Store: Most Apple Stores are dog-friendly, allowing well-behaved dogs inside while you shop for new gadgets.