Key Takeaways

  • Europe and Sweden specifically allow pets in Ikea stores, but in the United States, the rules are stricter, and only service dogs are allowed inside Ikea store locations.
  • Ikea employees can ask service dog owners, “Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?” and “What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?” before letting them enter.
  • Ikea restricts pets because of health, safety, and shopping experience rules. They also serve food, and it’s unlawful to allow pets.

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One of the most popular weekend activities is a trip to an Ikea location to redecorate. And pet owners want to know if their furry friends are allowed.

Unfortunately, the Ikea pet policy is strict, and no pets are allowed in stores in the United States. The rules in Europe and some Canadian locations are more friendly, and pets are allowed inside. The only exception in the United States is for trained service animals, on a leash and well-behaved.

Ikea is one of the few stores that publishes a detailed pet policy online. We also spoke with local stores in the United States to confirm the policies and gather more information about why some restrictions existed.

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Ikea's Pet Policy: Are They Allowed

The Ikea pet policy is a bit confusing because they publish a detailed policy online stating they do allow pets. However, further research indicates this is only the pet policy for stores located in Sweden and Europe.

In Europe, there are no restrictions on pet ownership when visiting an IKEA store. Pets may be brought into any IKEA store as long as they are leashed or caged at all times and cleaned up properly before entering the building.

Sweden is the origin of Ikea and where the first ever store was founded. They are much more pet friendly in Sweden than in the United States store locations.

For example, the Sweden policy states each family can bring two pets inside the store. But in the United States, only certified service animals or guide dogs are allowed.

This excludes pets for families, and only dogs accompanying their disabled owner can enter an Ikea store. But the law does protect owners because employees cannot ask many questions or for proof.

Are Pets Allowed In All Ikea Locations?

Ikea is a Swedish furniture company that has stores all over the world. The first Ikea store was opened in Sweden in 1943 and has since expanded to more than 450 stores worldwide.

The company is known for its affordable furniture and home goods and for being a pet-friendly retailer.

However, this might not be the case for all Ikea locations, as some restrictions must be considered before bringing a furry friend on a shopping spree.

The United States store locations are not as pet friendly as some international ones. The rules state that only guide dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, signal dogs, and warning dogs are allowed in stores.

We also recommend contacting the local Ikea to ask about the pet policy. They may enforce rules that differ from the corporate policy.

How To Shop In Ikea With A Pet

Some people may feel uncomfortable seeing a dog inside an Ikea, which is why the United States stores only allow service dogs. When shopping at Ikea with a dog, there are strict rules and policies to follow.

Dogs Must Be On A Leash And Behaved

The company is asking that all service dogs are on a leash and well-behaved when shopping at their stores. The company wants to ensure that its customers, employees, and other shoppers are safe.

Ikea has also asked that if a customer’s service dog aggressively approaches another customer or employee, they should immediately be removed from the store.

Dogs Cannot Get On Any Furniture

Dogs are not allowed on any furniture inside an Ikea store. This is extremely important and one of the most significant rules they enforce for service animals while shopping.

If any dog is seen on furniture, an employee will kindly ask for the dog to be removed from the store. Not only is this unsanitary, but it risks damage to expensive store items.

Owners Should Be Prepared To Answer Service Animal Questions

The law protects disabled owners with a service dog, but there are two questions most Ikea locations will ask when a dog enters the store without any tags or vest.

These questions are allowed and lawful too. First, the store can ask, “Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?”

Second, they can ask, “What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?”

Both questions should be answered accurately, and the store will have no issue allowing the service dog to enter.

Do You Need To Bring Certification for A Service Dog To Ikea?

However, Ikea has a strict policy regarding bringing pets into the store. So it is recommended to bring proof of certification to the store with a service dog.

This policy is because Ikea wants to ensure that they are providing a safe environment for customers who may have allergies or sensitivities to animals.

However, no law defends this policy, so it’s not easy for Ikea to enforce this rule. The ADA protects disabled dog owners, and no official certifications are issued unless they are specifically requested.

This means service animals can still be brought into Ikea stores without it. But some way to identify the service dog allows employees to feel better about letting the dog inside and avoids additional questions upon entry.

Why Do Ikea Stores Restrict Pets?

Ikea has a strict no-pet policy in its stores. The policy is enforced to maintain the store's cleanliness and ensure that its customers are not allergic to pets.

The three reasons pets are restricted are due to health regulations, safety concerns, and improving the shopping experience for guests.


Many Ikea stores have food and restaurants inside for guests to enjoy while shopping. This is one of the primary reasons why pets are not allowed in stores.

Allowing pets would violate the FDA Food Service Codes, and each state enforces a policy related to this rule. Because of this, only service animals can visit Ikea stores.

The other concern is allergy related. Because it’s a furniture store, allergies can bother guests because they are purchasing items for their homes, and a shedding dog around them is unhealthy.


Another reason Ikea stores don’t allow pets is for the safety of guests. Whether there has been a bad experience in the past or not, the goal is to create a safe environment for all guests.

Ikea can ensure nothing bad happens with aggressive animals and guests. By only allowing trained service animals. This eliminates any liability for accidents happening too.

Shopping Experience

Lastly, the shopping experience Ikea provides is one of its primary selling points to draw guests into stores. It’s not just about the products.

They want to provide a clean and safe environment for all their customers and employees, especially since there are so many small children at Ikea stores.

Pets do nothing but make that experience less enjoyable for other guests. It also increases the risk of damaged items for guests who allow their dogs to run wild with no regard for the rules.