Key Takeaways

  • Home Depot is considered pet-friendly, and they do allow pets, but this varies based on the store location and the preference of the store’s management team.
  • Service animals are allowed in all Home Depot locations.
  • Those who bring pets inside Home Depot stores must be on a leash or in a crate, behaved, calm, and friendly with other guests and employees in the store.

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Home Depot is one of the most popular stores for renovations and upgrades at home. And this is why many customers want to know if pets are allowed there.

The corporate Home Depot pet policy says pets are not allowed in stores. However, they allow service animals inside stores, and many locations are open to allowing pets in stores too. They also must be on a leash, well-behaved, and friendly with guests and employees.

This guide explains whether Home Depot is pet friendly and how to bring a pet into one of the stores. We learned about the Home Depot pet policy online based on the official statements corporate has released on the topic. We also learned many stores are open to allowing pets based on a strict set of rules by contacting local ones in the area.

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Home Depot Pet Policy: Are They Allowed

Home Depot is unique and unclear regarding dogs and pet policies. They have issued official statements welcoming service dogs into the stores, but there is a lack of clarity on whether pets can come into stores.

The corporate policy does state that no pet dogs other than service dogs should be in stores, but we decided to do some asking around by contacting local stores.

Most of these stores told us dogs could come if they followed these rules. And at many locations, employees are friendly to pets and even offer treats and water bowls.

We also took to social media to find some examples of the pet policy enforced by Home Depot. On Instagram, thousands of posts use #homedepotdogs to showcase their visit to the store with their pet.

We recommend always confirming the rules with the store employees too. We’ll also explain more about the Home Depot pet rules and how pet-friendly they are.

Is Home Depot Pet Friendly?

Home Depot is not only pet friendly, but they offer many benefits to their customers with pets. But this varies by location, and only some Home Depot locations allow pets.

Dogs are the most common animals allowed in Home Depot, but we have also seen some cats and exotic birds. Home Depot Pets on Instagram is a person working in Home Depot showcasing the different pets who visit.

When visiting a Home Depot with a dog or pet, the following rules must be followed to avoid any issues in the store.

Pets Must Be On A Short Leash Or In A Crate

All pets must be on a short leash of six feet or less or kept in a crate. For other pets, we recommend putting them in a crate to avoid any problems on the first visit.

Typically, employees are much more friendly to guests depending on the store location; this rule will vary. But all dogs should be on a leash.

Pets Must Be Well-Behaved

Pets need to be on their best behavior too. This means no running around, no loud or excessive barking, and no squatting to use the store floor as a bathroom.

For younger dogs with less controlled behavior, a crate is an easier way to keep these pets behaved for the store visit.

No Signs Of Aggressive Behavior

For dog owners, aggressive behavior is the primary concern for many Home Depot locations. Any dog that displays friendly behavior to other guests in the store is welcomed and greeted happily.

For dogs that display aggressive behavior, employees will likely ask them to leave the store because of the risks this animal presents.

Be Mindful Of Other Guests In The Store

Lastly, be mindful of other guests in the store. Don’t allow a dog to run up to a guest unless they are friendly, and show the dog some attention first.

Do All Home Depot Store Locations Allow Pets?

Home Depot allows pets to be brought into their stores. However, each store has a policy on whether pets are allowed in the store.

This must be considered when considering a visit with a pet. There is a possibility some stores will turn away any pet owners other than those with disabilities and a service animal.

However, we learned by calling around to different stores to ask about the pet policy that Home Depot employees are friendly and welcoming to dogs. As long as the rules are followed, they won’t turn anybody away.

To avoid any issues, calling the local store in the area to confirm the pet policy is a possible solution to avoid being asked to leave with a pet. This can be done by using the Store Locator tool to find the store’s contact information.

Do Home Depot Stores In Canada Allow Pets?

Home Depot Canada also does not allow pets inside store locations because they are considered a nuisance and can cause safety concerns for both customers and employees.

Many people are unaware that Home Depot Canada is much more strict with animals and they have a no-pet policy.

There are many reasons for this rule, but one of the main reasons is that pets can be a distraction and can create a hazardous environment for customers at Home Depot.

Home Depot Canada officially states animals are not allowed because the safety of customers and employees is the number one priority.

However, recent policy changes now welcome certified service animals in stores. Expect a few questions in these Canadian stores about the service animal, but there should be no issues with the right paperwork.

How To Shop At Home Depot With A Pet

Home Depot is a great place to shop with a dog or pet, assuming they will allow it. It’s a large store with outdoor areas too, so these are some of the tips that work best when shopping there with a pet.

Keep Pets Close

When visiting Home Depot and many other stores with a pet, it’s best to keep them close on a leash or in a crate. The recommendation is to use a leash no longer than six feet for dogs.

This is the best way to avoid a pet bothering employees or other guests in the store. It also ensures the pet doesn’t run off and do something wrong.

Allow Pets To Use The Bathroom Outside First

When shopping at Home Depot with a pet, it's best to let them go outside to use the bathroom or for a walk before entering the store.

This will help ensure they're not running around too much inside the store, and there won't have any accidents that need to be cleaned up.

Bring A Small Bag Of Treats

Lastly, we also recommend bringing some treats to the store with a pet. Treats are a good way to get them back under control if they struggle to behave.

They can also be rewarded for good behavior this way. It’s not uncommon for store employees to have treats for pets in the store too.