Key Takeaways

  • Hampton Inns will allow pets like many other Hilton hotels do today.
  • The dog cannot be over 75 pounds, or the hotel staff will deny your request to stay at the property.
  • Expect to pay a small pet fee between $50-$75 per stay with up to two pets in a room.

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If you are always on the go, it can be tough to find a hotel that allows pets for a reasonable price. So is Hampton Inn a pet-friendly hotel?

The Hampton Inn welcomes dogs and cats at their properties. The Hampton Inn is also known as Hampton by Hilton now and the majority of them do allow pets. Hilton Hotels are some of the most pet-friendly hotels and will charge a small $50-$75 per stay fee to bring a pet.

This article provides an overview of what to expect when taking your pet to a Hampton Inn. We will go over the pet policies, fees, and restrictions so you know how to prepare for your stay properly. Keep reading to decide whether this is the ideal hotel or not.

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Is Hampton Inn A Pet-Friendly Hotel?

Hampton Inn hotels will welcome pets. You can bring your dog or cat on your travels and enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying at a Hampton Inn.

But the pet policies can vary by location. It's always a good idea to check with the specific hotel you plan to stay at before booking your reservation.

Nearly all locations will allow a pet but charge a fee of $50-$75 per stay. Fees can range from $0 to $100. Guest rooms have a weight limit of 75 pounds per pet and only two pets per room.

What Pets Are You Allowed To Bring To The Hampton Inn?

You can bring both dogs and cats with you on your stay. It's important to note that Hilton properties like this one won’t allow big animals inside the rooms. The pet weight limit is 75 pounds.

There are no breed restrictions but if your pet exceeds this weight limit, the management staff may deny your request to staff. It's best to check with the hotel in advance to see if they can accommodate your pet.

Hilton properties will allow pet owners to bring their furry friends. The staff makes the property extremely dog friendly with all-natural dog treats available too.

Hampton Inn Pet Policy Explained

The policy at this hotel is simple. They charge a pet fee, allow animals of certain sizes, and have a few rules to follow. Read more about it below.

Pet Fees

There is a pet fee you will need to pay if you want to bring a dog to the Hampton Inn. The pet fee ranges from $50 to $75 per stay.

This fee is charged per room, not per pet. If you are traveling with two pets, you only need to pay one fee. The pet weight limit is 75 lbs.

This is to avoid allowing larger dogs to roam the property. It’s considered a safety concern to allow big dogs at the hotel.

Pet Limitations

Pets are not allowed to be left unattended in the hotel room. This means you must take your pet with you when you leave the room.

If your pet causes any damage to the hotel room, you can be charged an additional fee. It is important to keep an eye on your pet and ensure they are not causing any trouble.

Hampton Inn Amenities for Pets

Hampton properties are a great choice if you have a pet because of the amenities. They allow service animals and have pet-friendly areas and pet-friendly rooms to take advantage of.

Pet-Friendly Rooms

There are pet-friendly rooms with lots of space inside. This allows you to keep your pet in the room during the stay comfortably. The pet weight limit is 75 lbs.

Remember that there is a pet fee per stay or per room. This means that if you book a room with two pets for three nights, the pet fee will be cheap for your entire stay.

Be sure to request a pet-friendly room with the management staff. These rooms are typically located on the first floor for easy outdoor access. You'll also find that these rooms are equipped with amenities such as food and water bowls, pet beds, and waste bags.

Pet-Friendly Areas

This hotel brand understands that your pet needs exercise and fresh air just as much as you do. That's why they offer pet-friendly areas on their properties. These areas are typically designated for pet relief and have waste bags and trash cans for easy clean-up.

It's important to respect other guests when you have your pet. Always keep your pet on a leash when outside of your room and clean up after them.

If your pet is prone to barking or other disruptive behavior, consider leaving them in their crate when you're out of the room. You can rest easy knowing that your pet is welcome and well cared for during your stay.

Do All Hampton Inn Locations Allow Pets?

After speaking with numerous employees at the Hampton Inn, the pet policies seem to be consistent across the board. But it's always best to check with the specific location you plan to stay at before making a reservation.

The manager told me they allow dogs and cats at their properties for a small pet fee. They also mentioned that each individual manager could decide on the pet rules if something goes wrong.

They update their website to make it easy for guests to find pet-friendly Hampton hotels. The

search function the best options in your area.

We recommend always calling ahead to ask about the rules. The website of a specific location should also contain information about the pet policy.

Other Pet-Friendly Hotels Like The Hampton Inn

The Hilton brand is one of the most pet-friendly hotel chains. They accept pets and have a spacious, pet-friendly guest room available. Here are some of the other pet-friendly hotels worth considering.

Hilton Garden Inn

The Hilton Garden Inn is similar to Hampton Hotels. The pet fee is $50-$75/stay for a stay between 1-4 nights. Longer stays will pay higher pet fees. They also allow two pets per room.

Residence Inn

At the Residence Inn, expect to pay $75 per stay when bringing a pet. They’ll allow household pets under 75 pounds and two pets are allowed in each room. Examples of pets they allow include dogs, cats, birds, and fish.