Key Takeaways

  • The general Ulta dog policy states no pets or dogs are allowed in stores because they offer salon services. Dogs inside would violate the rules of the State Board of Cosmetology and the Board of Consumer Affairs.
  • The exception to the Ulta policy is for service animals. They are allowed inside stores as long as they are on a leash, friendly, and well-behaved.
  • Asking for service animal proof is not allowed, but we recommend using a service dog tag or vest to identify the service animal to make things obvious to avoid problems with employees.
  • Not all Ulta stores enforce the same rules, so calling local stores in the area to ask about the pet policy is always recommended to see if they allow them inside.
  • Ulta is not considered a pet-friendly store, and we don’t recommend bringing a dog to a location unless an employee states they welcome pets in that location.

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Ulta Beauty is a growing chain of cosmetics products and also a popular salon. Many customers want to bring their dogs for a visit, but does Ulta allow them?

Ulta does not allow dogs in stores. The policy does not allow customers to bring their pet dog inside, but service dogs are allowed in stores if they are on a leash, trained, and well-behaved. Most Ulta stores enforce this same policy, but it’s possible to find some locations that allow dogs.

Because Ulta doesn’t publish a clear pet policy online, we gathered information by calling local stores and finding posts on social media from the company. They are clear about the policy when asked, and this guide includes all the information we could find.

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Does Ulta Allow Dogs?

Ulta doesn't allow dogs. The company has a strict "no pets" policy. This is primarily because they offer beauty services in-store, and it's unsanitary for pets to visit.

This policy is not new to Ulta, but it has been enforced more recently as the company has grown in size and popularity.

Ulta Beauty is one of the most popular retailers of beauty products and services in the United States. Many of their stores offer a wide range of beauty services, such as haircuts, manicures, hair styling, facials, and so on.

This means that Ulta stores have to be extra careful about cleanliness because customers might be allergic or sensitive to certain chemicals or fragrances.

Pets are also not allowed in these stores because they can carry fleas which can cause infections for customers with sensitive skin or allergies.

What Is Ulta’s Dog Policy?

The Ulta Beauty dog policy is interesting. They have no officially posted pet policy online for reference, but social media replies and posts indicate Ulta stores do not allow dogs inside stores.

However, there are some exceptions, and the dog policy includes the following rules for customers to follow.

No Dogs Or Any Pets Allowed In Stores

No pet animals, including dogs, are allowed in Ulta store locations. It’s possible to run into friendly management, but the general policy across all stores restricts any dog inside the store.

Many Ulta beauty stores are classified as salons, too, and the dog restriction is a state law. This does vary by state, but the rule is enforced by the State Board of Cosmetology and the Board of Consumer Affairs.

Service Dogs Are Allowed In Stores

Service dogs are protected by law, which still applies to salons and stores like Ulta.

The law also states that Ulta employees cannot legally ask for any proof that a dog is a service animal or that the dog owner has a disability.

However, they can ask if the animal is required because of a disability and what type of task the dog is trained for. Service dog tasks are classified as one of the following.

  • Hearing Alert
  • Guide
  • Medical Assistance
  • Mobility
  • Psychiatric Service Animal
  • Seizure Alert

Service Dogs Must Be Trained And On A Leash

Like most pet policies across each store, service dogs must be trained for one or more of the above task(s) to serve their owner’s disability. They also must be on a leash at all times.

Keeping a service dog on a shorter leash in Ulta stores less than six feet away is recommended. The dog must be friendly and behaved during the store visit, or the employees can ask anybody to leave because of poor behavior.

Are There Any Exceptions To Ulta’s Dog Policy?

The company’s policy is that customers are not allowed to bring their pets into Ulta stores. Exceptions to this policy would be if the pet is a service animal, but it’s rare to find any other exceptions.

The dog policy at Ulta is clear and straightforward. They have a strict “No Dogs Allowed” policy. It’s also possible for some stores to only allow dogs in the shopping area away from the salon services.

This is something that varies based on the store location and the manager’s decision. Dogs that do get allowed in stores are always on a leash, friendly, and well-behaved.

Does This Dog Policy Apply To All Ulta Store Locations?

Not necessarily. It’s possible to find some locations much friendlier to pets, but they are rare because of the federal laws in place.

The best thing to do is reach out directly to an Ulta store in the area to ask about the pet policy. We have learned by making calls ourselves that some stores are more inviting to pet owners than others.

First, go to the Ulta store locator tool to find open stores in the area. All information, including store hours, services, and phone numbers, is right here.

Some people believe the best way to get around the rules is to take a dog into any store without a “No Dogs Allowed” sign at the front. We disagree.

Instead, it’s better to call ahead of time and ask about the policies. Maybe they will say no, but it’s better than being rejected at the door or forcing entry and creating an uncomfortable environment for others.

What Would Happen If I Brought My Dog To Ulta?

The truth is many employees won’t ask when customers bring dogs, despite the policy. It also depends on the state and whether any laws exist about identifying service animals immediately.

For example, many states have implemented policy updates to stop fake service animals. However, the ADA law still does not require pet owners with disabilities to identify their service dogs.

It’s still a gray area being taken advantage of, but states are implementing new rules like service dog vests or tags. We recommend picking up a tag or a vest to avoid any confusion or unwanted questions by employees during the visit.

If a dog is brought into the store and misbehaves, the employees will likely ask for them to leave or be brought outside. They still have a responsibility to create a safe and inviting environment for other customers.