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As a dog owner, you want to go everywhere with your pet. And the morning Starbucks run would be complete without your dog, but can you bring them?

Finding pet policies in stores and restaurants like Starbucks can be a hassle, and the rules are not always clear. Showing up for a coffee and being asked to leave because your dog isn't allowed would also put a damper on the day, so finding out first is essential.

Starbucks has a "No Dogs" policy, but they do allow service dogs. If you have a service dog, you can bring them in with you, and they will provide the necessary assistance to make your visit more comfortable. In most US states, you can also bring all dogs to the patio area at Starbucks.

There are specific rules and regulations that you need to follow when visiting a place like Starbucks, and this includes leading all pets and dogs outside. The only exception is for service dogs and owners with disabilities. This guide will explain the Starbucks dog policy and what rules you can follow to enjoy a coffee and a Puppacino with your dog.

All information, rules, and policies mentioned in this guide below have been accumulated directly from Starbucks. They are open and honest about the pet policy and even their secret menu for pets.

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Can I Bring My Dog Into Starbucks?

Starbucks does not allow dogs inside their stores. This surprises many guests because Starbucks is famously known by my customers for the dog-friendly Puppacino on the secret menu.

Unlike many stores and restaurants, Starbucks directly responds to the question by informing customers that no pets are allowed due to health and safety policies. Allowing pets puts them at risk for health code violations.

There are no exceptions within the Starbucks corporate policy, though local management could theoretically adjust that policy based on location and preferences within the store.

However, we have not noticed this at any stores we spoke to, and many customers have confirmed this policy to be true. We don’t recommend bringing your dog into a Starbucks because you likely will be asked to leave.

What Are The Rules For Dogs At Starbucks?

The rules for dogs at Starbucks are a topic of debate among coffee lovers and dog owners alike. Below we will explain the policies and rules to follow to enjoy a visit to the coffee shop with your dog.

No Dogs Allowed Inside

Starbucks is known for its stricter policies on what types of pets are allowed inside their stores, which includes no dogs. Customers who bring their dogs to Starbucks will be asked to leave them outside or in the car while getting food and drinks.

The only dogs allowed inside are trained service animals. However, you won’t be required to show any sort of proof that your dog is a service animal outside of a few states.

Dogs Can Go In The Patio Areas

In most locations, you can only bring your dog into the patio area outside of the Starbucks. Some states still restrict this, but you can contact your local location to learn more.

There are currently 17 states that have laws in place allowing dogs into patio areas at restaurants and dozens more that have no restrictions.

Because it’s outdoors and not in the way, many states don’t enforce this too strictly either. Starbucks locations are friendly and don’t mind a dog in the patio area as long as they are behaved and friendly.

Dogs Must Be Leashed And Supervised At All Times

Starbucks has outdoor patios where dogs are allowed to be on leashes and supervised at all times. This is a significant rule to follow, or you could be asked to leave.

If you have a service dog, the same rules apply. Don’t enter the store unless your service dog is on a leash, and never leave your dog alone in the store for any reason.

Can I Bring My Service Dog Into Starbucks?

Service dogs are welcome at all Starbucks locations, and employees are extremely welcoming to any disabled customers visiting with a registered service animal.

If you are going to bring your service animal into Starbucks, you should know the rules and regulations for bringing your animal inside. First, your dog should always be on a leash during the visit.

Next, you can opt to put a service dog vest on your animal, so others are aware. However, it’s not required, but some states like California now require service animals to wear tags.

Federal laws protect service animals and disabled individuals from being questioned about this, but the change in local policies creates a gray area.

Animals should never be placed in a seat or at a table in any restaurant like Starbucks either. This goes against federal policy, and you cannot feed your dog food off the table.

Starbucks clearly outlines how accepting they are of service animals. They even mention how important this policy is for all new hires to ensure all guests are treated properly.

Why Can’t Dogs Go Inside Starbucks?

Starbucks has stated that it would put the stores at risk of violating health and safety codes by allowing dogs inside. However, they are extremely dog-friendly, with items on the menu suited for your pets.

The only animal allowed inside a Starbucks is a trained and registered service animal for a disabled individual. Starbucks is strict with this policy, and there are no exceptions for any type of pet.

It seems like policies will eventually change, and individual states have the power to reverse policies faster. Right now, no dogs can go into Starbucks because of health concerns, but studies show they don’t present much of a health risk.

Can I Sit Outside At Starbucks With My Dog?

You can't bring your dog inside a Starbucks coffee shop, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a cup of coffee with a man's best friend on the patio.

However, some states still restrict dogs on patios at restaurants like Starbucks. You may need to check with your local Starbucks to see if the policy will allow you to bring your pet with you.

There are 17 total states with laws allowing this, but others don’t enforce rules against it. You should have no issues bringing your dog to the patio area of a Starbucks, but checking with management is always the safest thing to do.

Most customers report positive experiences sitting outdoors with their dogs at the local Starbucks. If you have concerns, you can call your local store to ask about the policy for confirmation.

Do All Starbucks Locations Have The Puppacino?

There are two things to expect at Starbucks locations. One is the Puppacino, which is available at all locations but must be ordered in person.

The other is water. You can respect a cup of water for your service dog inside or pet dog outside in the patio area so they can stay hydrated.

No incidents have been reported to us about this request ever being denied. Starbucks is extremely conscious of its guests, and all policies exist to improve the overall experience.