Key Takeaways

  • We rank Lowry Dog Park as the number one pet-friendly park in Denver because it’s easy to access, relaxed on rules, and provides a huge area for no-leash dog activities.
  • Denver dog parks are all monitored by the city with similar rules, like hours ranging from sunrise to sundown daily.
  • All dogs must be registered with a Denver dog license to enter enclosed dog-only areas at these pet-friendly parks.
  • Denver is considered one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country, with tons of dog-friendly parks, attractions, and restaurants.

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Denver is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States, and they have many pet-friendly parks to take a dog on a walk or to play with others.

The seven best pet-friendly parks in Denver include the following. These are all off-leash parks that allow dogs to roam freely.

  • Lowry Dog Park
  • Kennedy Dog Park
  • Willow Bark Park
  • Stapleton Greenway Dog Park
  • Railyard Dog Park
  • Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park
  • Parkfield Lake Dog Park

Denver is a pet-friendly city, but finding the perfect place to take a dog is not always easy. Residents in the area are vocal about the best pet locations, so we have gathered some of the best places in Denver to take a pet for a walk or for playtime.

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7 Best Pet-Friendly Parks In Denver

Denver is a great place to live for people who love animals. Many pet-friendly parks in the city offer plenty of space for dogs and other lively pets to run around.

A dog-friendly park is ideal for a canine companion to enjoy some time off-leash. Some parks even have designated areas where pets can be walked without worrying other dogs or people.

The best thing about most of these parks is they don’t require leashes for pets, so they are free to roam around, explore, and interact with other pets. This is a fun activity to enjoy with a pet for the day.

Below we have listed the seven best pet-friendly parks in Denver.

1. Lowry Dog Park

Lowry Dog Park is a popular dog park in Denver. It has an off-leash, fenced-in area dedicated only to dogs and owners. The park has a wide variety of trees, dirt hills, and sandy areas that are perfect for dogs to explore and play all day.

If dog owners prefer a grassy park with lots of green, this is not the spot to visit. But we love this park because it’s mostly flat and easy to find with plenty of space.

It’s spacious enough so people won’t ever feel cramped or intruded on here.

It also offers many amenities, such as an on-leash area, water stations, benches, waste stations, shade structures, and much more. However, there is no dog-friendly water area, so be sure to bring supplies for the trip.

The lack of green space can be off-putting for some dog owners, but this park ranks as the best in terms of convenience for pet owners.

2. Kennedy Dog Park

Kennedy Dog Park is a great place to take a dog for a walk and play. The park is filled with amenities that will make all visiting pups feel like they are at home.

This three-acre park can accommodate both large and small breeds, and it is open from sunrise to sunset every day. It is one of the city's most pet-friendly parks, and it has many features that make it a great place for dogs to play.

The dog park also has benches, picnic tables, and water fountains. There are plenty of parking spots for visitors who drive to the dog park and a public bus stop nearby.

We love this park because of the space to explore with our pets. There’s also a central shade area for a break to get out of the sun or rain.

3. Willow Bark Park

Willow Bark Park is a great place for pets. The park is filled with trees, grassy fields, and beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect spot to spend time outside with our furry friend.

There are also many features that make this dog park one of the most pet friendly parks in Denver such as having an off-leash area which allows pets to roam free without a leash or harness on them while they play.

There are also several benches to sit on and enjoy the scenery. If it gets too hot, there is a shade and shelter area to rest with long paths for leashed walks around the area too.

However, there are no parking lots, so finding a place to park on the street can be a hassle for some.

4. Stapleton Greenway Dog Park

Stapleton Greenway Dog Park is a large, sandy fenced-in space in the center of Denver. It has walking trails, paths, and plenty of space in the area for visions and dogs to explore together.

This is an off-leash park with a dedicated area for dogs and pets to roam free without a leash. It is located at 2002 Spruce St, Denver, CO 80238; however, all owners must keep their dogs on a leash outside the fenced area.

This is a fun and scenic park with benches scattered through the dog's area for owners to sit in the shade. There are also water fountains and bag supplies around the park, making it an inviting place for all dogs.

This dog park also has strict rules for children. An adult must accompany anybody under the age of 18, and no dog handlers can be under age 18 either.

5. Railyard Dog Park

The Railyard Dog Park has many features that make it one of the best places to take a pet dog. It has multiple large open areas and a water fountain to keep all pets healthy and hydrated on hot summer days.

It also has an area for smaller dogs and another area for larger dogs. This makes it so that everyone can enjoy the park with their pup.

This park is in the Riverfront neighborhood at 1851 Bassett St. The only thing some visitors complain about is the lack of green and grassy space for dogs.

The dedicated dog areas with enclosed fencing are mostly soft sand or soil, which can be messier or too hot for their paws due to the sunlight. This park is one of the strictest with clean-up rules, so be sure to tidy up before leaving.

6. Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park

Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park is a large, beautiful, and well-maintained park with many trees, green grass, and a pond. The park has two separate sections for large and small dogs to play on.

This dog park is completely fenced in, so no leashes are required once dogs enter the no-leash area. However, a large portion of the dog park is sand that can get hot and dangerous to walk on for a dog in the summer sun.

The one downside to this park is the lack of shaded areas to relax. However, there is a dog-friendly water fountain to keep all pets hydrated while playing.

This park is located at 4455 Jebel St, about 15 miles east of downtown Denver. Other amenities in this park include sports fields, a swimming pool, green picnic spaces, and lots of parking.

7. Parkfield Lake Dog Park

The Parkfield Lake Dog Park has many pet-friendly amenities, including a doggy water fountain, doggy waste station, benches, picnic tables, and trees. It’s located lakeside in a beautiful neighborhood with lots of amenities.

There are also benches to sit down and relax at while the dogs run around. It also has free parking, so nobody has any trouble finding a spot upon arrival.

The park is the perfect size for playing fetch or catch, and there are plenty of trees to provide shade during those hot summer days. Benches and picnic tables are scattered throughout the park to take a break from playing with the pup.

Other amenities in and around this park include Parkfield Lake, Derby Lateral Trail, sports fields, and many picnic areas.

Denver Pet Friendly Park Rules And Etiquette

People who live in Denver know how much the city has to offer for everyone. There are so many pet-friendly parks in Denver that it can be hard to choose which one is best.

But it’s important to know the pet-friendly rules and regulations at Denver’s pet friendly parks. With many dogs and cats coming out to play, it's important to know what can and cannot be done before going there.

The good thing about Denver is the rules are universal at all off-leash parks. This was done to avoid confusion by pet owners so rules can be appropriately enforced.

For example, the hours are consistent across all parks.

  • Unlit parks are open from sunrise to sundown every day
  • Lit parks are open from 5 am-11 pm every day

Some of the other important rules to know are below.

No Aggressive Dogs Are Allowed

Denver is a great place for pet owners and their furry friends. Many parks in Denver allow pets, which can make for a fun day out with the pup, but all dogs must abide by park rules and act friendly.

Aggressive dogs are not allowed at parks, and any dog showing aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. Consider a dog’s history and how it behaves around strangers and other dogs before visiting the dog park.

This is especially important because dogs are running around off-leash, so putting a dog in a position to act aggressive can be dangerous.

Dogs Must Have Rabies Vaccinations

Dogs must have rabies vaccinations to be allowed in all Denver pet friendly parks. This effort protects the public from rabies and reduces aggressive behavior inside these parks.

Most puppies receive this vaccine at an early age, so it shouldn't be a problem for most dog owners. However, the rule is meant to put dog owners' minds at ease, knowing they won’t be around any infected dogs.

Denver Dog License Tag Is Required

A Denver dog license tag is required for a dog to visit one of the city's pet-friendly dog parks. The Denver Parks and Recreation Department lists all the parks that are pet friendly.

The license can be purchased here. All medical records for the dog must be submitted to get approved for pet friendly park visits. This is how the parks enforce other rules like vaccines based on license approval.

Children Under 10 Are Not Allowed Inside The Fenced Areas

Children under ten are not allowed to enter the fenced areas in most Denver pet friendly parks. This is to avoid any bad behavior that can cause the dogs to react aggressively.

Denver dog parks also restrict anybody under 18 inside the dog park area without an adult. An adult must bring any dog that visits, or they will be sent home.

There is also no human food allowed inside the dog park area. The age restriction is another way to enforce this policy further.

Female Dogs Currently In Estrus Are Not Allowed

Female dogs not in estrus are restricted from dog parks, especially in the summer heat. This rule applies to all dogs that are not “fixed,” but female dogs especially.

Is Denver Considered A Pet Friendly City?

Denver is a great city for both people and pets. With so many pet-friendly parks, Denver is a perfect place for pet owners to explore with a dog on a walk or go on an adventure with them to explore the great outdoors.

There are 14 total off-leash dog and pet parks located around the city, and this was an initiative by the city to attract people to live here. The climate is inviting, especially in the summer, so adding these parks was helpful.

However, it is important to note that some parks may be designated as off-leash zones, and others may not. Always double-check the park’s rules before bringing a pet on-site.