Key Takeaways

  • Uber has a dog-friendly policy and they allow the drivers to decide whether a dog is allowed in the car or not.
  • There is a recently released feature on Uber known as Uber Pet, which allows riders to order pet-friendly rides.
  • All Ubers allow service dogs based on state and federal laws protecting the rights of riders with disabilities.
  • Only one dog is allowed in an Uber at a time and they must sit in the back seat on a leash with their owner.

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Ubers have taken over quick and easy transportation, but whether dogs are allowed in them is still a commonly asked question up for debate.

Dogs are not allowed in Ubers unless the driver confirms the presence of a dog first. Uber Pet is also a new feature that can be selected and it allows dogs and other pets in the car. Uber also respects the federal policies on service animals and service dogs are allowed in all Ubers.

Dogs make our lives better every single day, so it only makes sense to bring them with us when we can. That being said, the driver has the right to reject pets based on their differences unless it is a service dog or an Uber Pet ride was ordered. Follow these tips below and learn more about whether dogs are allowed in Uber rides.

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Are Dogs Allowed In Ubers?

For those in cities without a car, getting dogs around can be difficult. This is why many people ask about bringing a dog in Uber. The answer depends on the city and whether the driver will allow it or not.

In general, Uber will not allow a pup to come along for the ride unless they are certified as a service dog. These animals and owners with disabilities are protected by law and Ubers cannot reject a service dog.

It’s also possible to get lucky with a friendly Uber driver and they allow pet dogs too. The only way to know for sure is by messaging the driver before they arrive asking if a dog can join on the ride.

If the Uber driver says no, the dog should be left at home or the Uber ride should be canceled. There are some distinct rules enforced by Uber on this policy too.

Here’s a breakdown of what we know about dogs and Uber in general based on research.

Uber’s Dog And Pet Policy

Uber’s official policy is that they don’t allow dogs unless they are certified service animals. This is mainly because of health and safety concerns: the company is worried about making sure that every rider has a good experience.

If a dog is allowed in an Uber, it opens the door for other passengers to bring their animals. This could make for some uncomfortable situations.

Uber also has to put a cap on the number of service animals allowed at any given time. If every rider could bring their service animal, this would open up the door for abuse.

However, the policy for dogs and other pets is a bit more complex.

Service Dogs Are Allowed In All Rides

Both state and federal laws protect individuals with disabilities and their service dogs and Uber abides by these policies. All rides allow service dogs.

There is no need to use Uber Pet with a service dog either. The fees are slightly higher when using this feature, so avoid this and take a traditional Uber with a service dog to save some money.

Drivers are required to take any customers with a service dog. They cannot turn anybody away because of a service animal and if this happens, Uber suggests reaching out to customer support to report it.

Contact The Driver First About Bringing A Dog

When Uber Pet isn’t used, there is still a possibility of bringing a dog in an Uber. This is only possible by contacting the driver first in the app.

Uber keeps an only policy about dogs on purpose because all drivers are different. The lenient rule gives freedom to all Uber drivers, so they can decide whether to allow a dog in the car or not.

The introduction of Uber Pet was to make it easier for riders to find a pet-friendly ride without needing to ask. But it may not be available in all cities, so asking first through messaging works too.

Keep The Interior Of The Uber Vehicle Clean

Bringing a dog inside an Uber requires caution and respect. This means keeping the interior clean by any means necessary because the Uber driver is liable for anything that happens.

If for any reason something does go wrong, the Uber driver can also report a rider’s account and Uber can charge the rider a cleaning fee while also restricting the rider’s account for future rides.

Drivers Make The Final Decision To Allow Dogs

The dog policy for Uber allows the Uber driver to make the final decision when deciding if a dog is allowed in the vehicle. This applies to only pets and not service dogs.

This is one reason why Uber Pet was launched. It allows pet-friendly drivers to accept rides for customers looking to bring their dogs in the car and it eliminates the need to get permission from the driver first.

Only One Dog Is Allowed In The Car

When using Uber Pet and requesting it directly from a driver, the rule states only one dog is allowed in each car. The driver could allow more than one dog, but this is uncommon.

Ordering a dog-friendly ride with Uber Pet only allows one dog. The driver assumes only one rider and one dog are making the trip, so sticking to this policy is advised so there are no complaints from the driver.

Dogs Must Be On A Leash In The Back Seat

Lastly, there are rules for inside the Uber with a dog too. All dogs should be away from the driver sitting in the back seat and they must be on a leash.

This is extremely important and one of the only rules Uber and Uber drivers enforce when dogs are let into the vehicles. This is also why Uber typically only allows one rider and a dog in the car at a time.

What is Uber Pet?

Uber has recently launched Uber Pet, which is a way for customers to order an Uber ride that is 100% pet-friendly. This allows riders to bring dogs and other household pets like cats with them in the car.

This option can be selected in some cities the same way a typical ride is ordered. Instead of ordering a typical Uber, there is an option to order an Uber Pet ride and this means the rider is happy to drive anybody with a pet.

Remember, anybody riding with a service animal does not need to use Uber Pet. Service dogs are allowed in all Uber ride types and drivers are not allowed to deny service dogs based on Uber’s policy and Federal laws.

Uber pet only allows riders to bring one pet per ride. Dogs should also be on a leash and always sitting in the back seat with the rider.

It’s also worth mentioning a ride with Uber Pet includes an additional fee, so the average ride costs a few dollars more compared to a traditional Uber ride.