Key Takeaways

  • If you visit an IKEA Canada store with a certified service dog, you'll be welcomed.
  • Pet dogs and emotional support animals are prohibited in Ikea Canada store locations.
  • Ikea Canada has a dog parking lot to keep your dog outside and safe while you shop.

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Weekend trips to Ikea are lots of fun with the family. But we hate to leave our dog home alone. So what do we do? Does Ikea Canada allow dogs?

Ikea Canada is not pet friendly and they don’t allow pet dogs inside stores. They only allow certified service dogs to walk around indoors. But many Ikea Canada locations have dog parking to keep your pet safely tied up to a post outside the store while you do some shopping.

I'm here to provide accurate information, so you can make the best decision for you and your beloved pet. I’ve visited multiple Ikea stores and spoke with the manager at five locations to confirm the policy. Ikea is also open about its policy online.

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Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA Canada? Is Ikea Pet Friendly?

As much as I love bringing my furry friend to stores, IKEA Canada has a specific pet policy. They do not allow pets inside their stores. But there's still hope for those with only certified service dogs.

Service dogs are a different story at IKEA Canada since they're allowed inside the store. These certified service dogs are essential in assisting individuals with particular needs, making them an exception to the no-pets policy at IKEA.

I understand the reasoning behind IKEA's decision. It's about maintaining a healthy shopping environment for all customers. It's important to respect these guidelines set by the store, as they're trying to create a safe and comfortable shopping experience for everyone.

Even though we can't bring our pets inside, it's nice to know that IKEA loves pets and has a line of products dedicated to our animal companions. So, while our pets may not be able to accompany us inside, they can still benefit from the store's offerings.

IKEA Canada's Pet Policy

As much as I adore my furry friends, I discovered that IKEA Canada has a no-pet policy. While this may be disappointing to many pet owners like me, there's a silver lining.

Service dogs are an exception to this rule. When I investigated further, I found that IKEA Canada allows certified service animals inside their stores. This is great news for individuals who rely on these wonderful animals to support them daily.

My research revealed that this policy covers not just IKEA Canada but IKEA Australia and IKEA US as well. The reasoning behind such a strict policy is primarily due to health and safety concerns, especially in stores with a food component.

Here are some key takeaways about IKEA's pet policy:

  • No pet dogs are allowed. Only service dogs
  • No emotional support animals are allowed
  • This policy applies to IKEA stores in Canada, Australia, and the US
  • Health and safety concerns are the primary reasons for this strict rule
  • Dog size does not matter for service animals. Big and small dogs are welcome

While I can't take my pet to browse the latest furniture and home décor at IKEA, it's comforting to know that service dogs are welcome. Individuals with disabilities can still enjoy the shopping experience with the support of their indispensable companions.

Do You Need To Bring Any Certification for a Service Dog?

Now, let's talk about certifications and whether or not you need to bring any for a service dog. According to the ADA, service dogs are not required to be certified or undergo a professional training program.

But proper behavior is critical. A service dog must be under control and is typically harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless the person's disability prevents using these devices, as per the ADA requirements.

Although it's not mandatory, wearing a vest or other form of identification can be a smart choice for your service dog. It helps Ikea store employees and fellow shoppers quickly recognize that your dog is a service animal, not just a pet.

This can save you time and potential hassles when navigating the store. It's all about making the shopping experience as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your service animal.

Are Service Dogs allowed?

I wouldn't consider Ikea dog friendly, but they make an exception for service dogs. As a dog lover, I appreciate their concern for offering assistance to those who need it.

Identifying Service Dogs

When I see a service dog, I can often identify them by their distinctive vests or harnesses. These dogs must always be well-trained and controlled by their handler within the store.

IKEA doesn't provide specific details on the documentation needed, but it's always a good idea to put the service dog vest on your animal. But service animals are not legally required to have any papers.

As a dog owner, I can empathize with the importance of allowing service dogs in public spaces to ensure their handlers receive the help they need.

Service Animals Should be On a Leash

All service animals should be under control and on a leash. Never leave a dog unattended in the store. This is against the Ikea Canada policy.

Typically, the local Ikea store is extremely busy so it would be difficult for customers to shop. Emotional support dogs do not fall under the same category as service animals.

Alternative Shopping Options

I understand that not all dogs are allowed inside IKEA Canada, but no worries! There are alternative shopping options for dog owners like me.

IKEA Canada Website

One option is IKEA's user-friendly Canada website. It's convenient and provides me with all the product details, including pictures, descriptions, and customer reviews. I can easily make informed decisions without stepping foot in the store.

Curbside Pickup

I love using IKEA's curbside pickup service. After placing my order online, I can pick it up in a designated area outside the store. This way, my furry friend can stay by my side in the car while I grab our items. It's safe, efficient, and hassle-free.

Ikea Dog Parking

Many Ikea locations have built dog parking lots. This is a place to keep your dog while you shop. They won’t get hot from the weather or be in any danger while sitting in the car.

Dog parking spaces are small astroturf beds with a post for their leash. This is coming to more Ikea locations too.