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CVS is one of the most common stores around the country, and it is right there for a convenient trip. But are dogs allowed for your shopping runs?

Getting rejected when entering a store like CVS with your dog is a fear for many pet owners. Both inconvenient situations would result in you needing to go home or leave your dog outside.

Luckily, dogs are allowed in CVS as long as they are kept on a leash, controlled, and supervised during their visit. Cashiers and other workers in the store commonly keep treats behind the counter for dog visits. However, not all stores have the same policy, so you can call to check first.

This article will explore whether or not dogs are allowed in CVS, why they are allowed, and what other rules people must follow if they want to bring their four-legged friends with them on shopping trips. It's essential to have a complete understanding of the policy and what to do to ensure the experience is successful with no problems.

All information about CVS stores allowing dogs has been collected by contacting local stores and reading store policies on social media. The CVS website has no official policy but stores welcome dogs.

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Are Dogs Allowed In CVS?

Dogs are allowed in CVS. While there are no specific rules about whether dogs are allowed in the CVS locations, we have learned they are permitted after calling local stores and finding customer reviews about their visits with dogs.

CVS also requires all pets to be kept on leashes or in crates inside the store. This allows you to bring your dog if rules are followed, but this policy can vary based on location.

Many guests and customers have reported local CVS store locations keeping dog treats by the registers for your pets. You will notice that the CVS workers are friendly and welcoming to you and your dog in most cases.

Does CVS Have A Pet Policy?

CVS does not publicly list any pet policy, so the rules will likely vary based on your state laws and local enforcement of the rules in stores.

Unlike other stores that list pet-friendly locations online, CVS leaves it up to individual stores. This means you must call local stores around you to inquire about bringing a dog before showing up. Otherwise, you run the risk of being asked to leave.

This law also prohibits requesting an owner with disabilities to prove they have a service dog. It also restricts any employee asking about your disability, so you can feel comfortable going to any CVS with your service dog.

Do All CVS Store Locations Have The Same Dog Policy?

There are over 9,000 CVS store locations across the United States, and you shouldn't expect each one to have the same dog policy. When you cross state lines, the rules can change, and the store management ultimately has the final decision about pet policies.

However, the federal law enforced by the ADA protects those with disabilities and their service animals when visiting public places like retail stores. This means you can bring your service dog to all CVS locations without an issue.

For example, many states are not considered pet friendly. Utah is ranked as the least pet-friendly state in the country, and you could have issues going to CVS stores with your dog because of it.

The other thing to consider is the pharmacy inside the CVS store and where the CVS location is. If the CVS is inside a mall restricting pets, then you’re not allowed to bring the dog to the CVS.

What Are The In-Store Rules At CVS For Dogs?

While the rules for dogs may vary from store to store, there are some general rules that you should know about before bringing your dog into a CVS.

Before heading to the store, it is important to know what your dog will be able to do and what they need. It is also important to know what the CVS policy is for dogs.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash At All Times

They allow customers to bring their dogs to the store, but only if they are on a leash or in a cage. You can also carry your dog if it's a smaller breed, but this is not recommended in most cases.

The company wants to make sure that customers feel safe around their dogs, as well as provide them with an option for people who cannot have pets at home.

Never Leave Your Dog Unsupervised In The Store

You should never step away and leave your dog unattended inside the store. This is a surefire way to get removed from the store and force management at your local CVS to revisit the current dog policies.

Leaving your dog alone can result in them getting restless and having an accident or becoming aggressive towards another guest in the store.

Your Dog Must Remain Under Control And Well-Behaved

The CVS dog policy states that your dog must remain under control and well-behaved in the store. If you are caught with a dog that is aggressive, you will be asked to leave the store.

The goal is to make the store inviting to pet owners, but changes can be made if other guests are disrupted because of it. For this reason, we only recommend bringing friendly dogs with experience in public around others.

What To Do Before Shopping At CVS With A Dog

Before going to CVS with your dog, ensure you are prepared for everything that can go wrong. It’s also best to make your store trip brief because longer visits can lead to accidents or restlessness.

The best thing to do is feed your dog before visiting the store, pack doggie poop bags, and take your dog for a walk to use the bathroom beforehand. This should lead to a better in-store experience for you, your dog, and everybody at the store.

Feed Your Dog Before Visiting The Store

We recommend feeding your dog before visiting the store, if possible. Dogs tend to remain under more control after being fed than being hungry and restless.

While this is not a requirement by the store, we believe it yields the best behavior from your dog while visiting an unfamiliar location.

Pack Dog Poop Bags

Next, you should pack some bags in case of an accident inside the store. This is the worst nightmare for many dog owners, so being prepared is necessary.

Take Your Dog For A Walk Before

We recommend taking your dog for a walk before going into a CVS store to use the bathroom. This reduces the risk of your dog having an accident inside the store.

Does CVS Allow Other Pets And Animals?

CVS allows other animals and pets to be brought into the store. This includes primary household pets like cats and dogs, and we have not heard about anybody bringing other types of animals into stores.

If you have a different pet, we recommend calling your local CVS stores to find out the policy. This changes too much based on location, so it's difficult to provide one answer on whether it's allowed.