Key Takeaways

  • Cabela’s is one of the most dog-friendly stores, and dogs and other pets are allowed as long as state laws permit the presence of pets in retail stores.
  • All dogs entering Cabela’s must be on a leash, friendly, well-behaved, and always watched by owners.
  • Cabela’s also has indoor and outdoor dog kennels to keep dogs while shopping at the store for restaurant visits. This only costs a small $5 refundable fee.
  • The best thing to do is call ahead to confirm the dog policy at a local Cabela’s before arriving with a dog for a visit.

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Cabela’s is a favorite location for many people and a fun weekend trip with the family. And the family includes our dog, so guests wonder if they are allowed.

Dogs are allowed in Cabela’s, but the policy can change rapidly based on the store location because of local bylaws in different cities and states. In general, the dog policy allows dogs in most Cabela’s, and there are kennels to keep dogs while shopping.

This guide is about finding out if Cabela's stores allow dogs. We will explain the dog policy and why some stores are different from others when it comes to enforcing stricter rules about pets entering stores. We contacted local stores to confirm these policies too.

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Are Dogs Allowed In Cabela's?

Cabela’s is a chain of specialty sporting goods stores with locations all over the United States. The company allows dogs and other pets to visit their stores unless state or local laws restrict this policy.

Cabela’s is one of the most pet-friendly stores in the country too. Guests who visit stores with their pets in restricted zones can leave their dogs in the outdoor area in one of the kennels.

This policy embraces guests visiting with their dogs, even if the state or local policies don’t allow it. They basically offer a low-cost doggy daycare while guests are shopping, and a kennel can be used for a cheap fee.

Service dogs are also allowed in all of Cabela’s locations. No state or local laws restrict store access for service animals, so owners with disabilities have nothing to worry about.

How Do The Kennels At Cabela’s Work?

Many Cabela’s locations have a restaurant inside, and because of the rules, dogs are typically not allowed in this area. This means guests visiting the restaurant need to use the outdoor kennels.

The outdoor kennels are open for use unless other dogs occupy them. A padlock for the kennel can be rented for a refundable $5.00 fee, which is returned after the padlock is brought back on the way out of the store.

There are also indoor kennels in many store locations. These don’t require any padlocks or rental fees. The store locations are always different, so they all won’t have indoor and outdoor kennels.

However, these make visiting the store with a pet much easier. If the store seems too busy for a puppy or the family wants to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, we recommend using the kennels.

Does Cabela’s Allow Other Pets?

Cabela's stores allow other pets besides dogs to visit stores unless state laws restrict this policy.

This policy has been implemented in all their stores, but calling the local store in the area is the best way to determine whether a pet is allowed in the store.

Not only does Cabela’s welcome pets, but they also abide by all service animal laws so guests with disabilities can shop with their service dog in the store.

Cabela’s also explains the pet policy here about welcoming dogs in all stores where local bylaws allow it. Some stores with restaurants inside cannot legally let dogs in the stores, but most household pets are allowed to visit.

What Are Cabela’s Rules For Dogs And Pets?

A trip to Cabela’s with the family is a fun day because they have so much to offer. But they have several rules for animals and pets entering the store. This includes bringing the dog along for fun.

Some of these rules are listed below.

Dogs Must Be On a Leash

The first rule is that dogs should be leashed when visiting a Cabela’s store. This keeps them from running away or getting into trouble with other animals or people.

This is a standard policy at most retail stores and the most important one to follow while shopping here.

No More Than Two Pets Per Person

The general rule at Cabela’s and most retail stores is that no more than two pets are allowed per person in the store. However, we found this rule was the least important and enforced rule based on employees' feedback.

Dogs Cannot Enter The Restaurant Area

Dogs cannot enter the restaurant areas. This is a strict rule, and many Canadian stores won’t allow dogs inside at all because of the restaurant.

Dogs Must Be Well-Behaved

Dogs are not allowed in the store if they are sick, aggressive, or unattended by an adult who is capable of controlling them. This includes friendly behavior towards other guests and store employees.

Pets may not be left unattended outside the pet carrier. And pet owners must clean up after their dogs if anything happens in the store.

Do All Cabela’s Locations Allow Dogs?

Cabela's stores allow dogs and other pets to visit stores unless state laws restrict this policy. The company has been promoting the idea of pet-friendly shopping for years.

However, not all Cabela’s locations will not allow dogs and other pets. This is not because of Cabela’s rules, but many states have yet to implement dog-friendly laws that allow pets to visit retail stores.

We will show the most dog-friendly states below.

  • Minnesota
  • Oregon
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota

And other states allow dogs too, but these are the most pet-friendly states for retail stores. Here are some states that won’t allow pet dogs at all based on the current laws.


Our research shows that Colorado only allows service animals to visit Cabela’s stores. We hope this policy changes soon because Colorado consistently ranks as one of the top 10 pet-friendly states.

Are Dogs Allowed In Cabela's Canada?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Cabela's Canada store locations too. But the policies are a bit different, and some regions of Canada are much stricter too.

Canada doesn’t allow any dogs in a Cabela’s location with a restaurant inside. They only allow service dogs into the store if it is wearing a Cabela's vest or harness.

This excludes other pets like emotional support animals and therapy animals. They must be certified service dogs.

However, many Canada Cabelas locations also do allow dogs inside, so the rules will vary. Identifying the local Cabela’s in the area and learning about the dog policy is necessary.

How To Know If My Cabela’s Allows Dogs?

To determine if a specific Cabela's store location allows dogs, we recommend calling the store first to confirm the policy.

This can be done by using the store locator on their website to find stores around the country and even in Canada. This tool includes the store address and contact information to contact them for information.

It’s also possible to scroll down on a specific store page to the Services section and see whether they are dog-friendly or not. This answers the question right away without the need to call.