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One of the most popular brands, Apple, has created an amazing in-store experience. This makes guests ask about the pets policy and if they’re allowed.

If you want to bring a pet to an Apple store, read through these rules before coming in to know what to expect. Doing the wrong thing could result in a shortened shopping trip.

The Apple Store pets policy is that animals are allowed in the store but must be on a leash or carrier. Customers can bring pets into the store but cannot leave them unattended in any part of the building. But this policy can vary by location, so check with each store individually first.

The Apple Store Pets Policy is critical because it affects the customers who own pets and shop at the store. It also can cause other guests to avoid shopping there if they prefer to avoid interacting with these animals while in the store. This guide outlines the Apple store pet policy, how to shop there with a pet, and more.

To determine whether Apple stores allow pets and the policies, we contacted numerous stores to find out. We also gathered more information from social media to confirm how pet-friendly Apple truly is.

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Apple Store Pets Policy: Are They Allowed

Pets are allowed in the Apple Store, but they must be controlled and kept away from all displays.

However, the Apple Store Pets Policy is a bit of a mystery. There is no clear-cut answer on whether or not pets are allowed in the Apple Store. We know dogs can visit the stores, but Apple does not explicitly state what pets are allowed.

Customers can bring their household pets, like dogs, into the store if they are on a leash and not acting out. The animals must be well-behaved and not too loud.

There’s also an Instagram called Apple Store Dogs that posts photos of dogs hanging out with customers and employees in stores. Another page, Dogs Of Apple Store, also shows pictures of dogs and other pets like cats, rabbits, and birds enjoying a visit to the store.

However, there is one important thing to remember. Many Apple stores are located in public areas like malls, meaning the mall would also need to allow pets before you can bring your animal to the Apple store.

What Types Of Pets Are Allowed In Apple Stores?

Apple Stores are not just places where people go to buy their favorite Apple products. They are also a place where people can interact with animals.

To create a more welcoming environment, Apple has allowed pets of all types into the store. This includes dogs and cats and other animals like birds.

Household Pets

The Apple Store is a place for people to learn about the latest Apple products. To ensure that the store is a safe and comfortable place for customers, Apple has made rules about what types of pets are allowed in the stores.

Household pets that are allowed in Apple stores include

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Pet birds
  • Rabbits

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in most public places under federal law enforced by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You can bring your dog to any Apple store location with no restrictions if you have a service dog.

However, you should still follow the rules by keeping your dog well-behaved and on a leash. They cannot legally ask you to provide proof that your animal is a service dog unless your dog is still in training.

California requires service dogs in training to wear tags indicating they are registered. This is only in a few states, but consider this if you are in California.

Rules To Know When Bringing Pets Into An Apple Store

Apple Store Pets Policy is a bit mysterious, but it allows customers to bring their pets into the store. Apple is a company that values its customers and wants them to be happy and healthy. So, they provide them with as many perks as possible.

There are rules to follow when in the store as well, especially considering how busy the stores typically are and the fact there is lots of expensive equipment around. Follow the rules below, and you shouldn't have any problems.

Pets Must Behave Properly

If your pets act up in the Apple store, they will be asked to leave the store.

This rule is not only for the benefit of Apple customers but also for the safety of their employees and other guests. If a dog acts out, it could result in an attack on a customer or an employee.

Apple stores are meant to be places where people can feel safe and comfortable shopping, so your animal mustn't cause any problems while you're there.

All Pets Should Be Leashed, Carried, Or Caged

Apple Store visitors should have their pets on a leash, crate, or arms when visiting the store. No pets are allowed to walk around freely. This policy applies to all types of pets too.

Some stores also dedicate some pet-friendly areas where people can take their dogs and cats for walks while they shop. Don’t leave your pet unattended at any time during your visit to an Apple store.

Respect Other Customers In The Store

If you have an animal with you, try not to crowd others with your animals. It's important to respect other customers who are trying to enjoy their time in the Apple store.

If another guest feels uncomfortable or asks for some space, take a few steps away with your dog or shorten the length of their leash.

Are Pets Allowed In All Apple Store Locations?

It is a good idea to find out whether or not pets are allowed in your local Apple Store before you go there with your pet. Because Apple enforces no official corporate policy, each store abides by different rules.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check online if an individual store allows pets. You will need to make a phone call to talk with a staff member about the policy in place.

The other thing to consider is where the Apple store you want to attend is located. For example, a store inside a mall restricting pets would make it impossible for you to bring your pet inside.

This would violate the mall’s policy, meaning the Apple store must follow the same rules. By calling the store first, you can find out all the details needed before your visit to ensure you are in compliance.

To find Apple stores in your area, use the store locator tool. This gives you information about the store's location and any contact information to call.

What Happens If Your Pet Has An Accident In An Apple Store?

If your pet has an accident while you are shopping at an Apple Store, the store may help you clean up the mess. There is no store policy about this type of incident, but employees are typically compassionate enough to get cleaning supplies for you.

We recommend bringing some type of bag or cleaning supplies with you when possible. It's best to be prepared in these situations, and it can be quite awkward for your pet to have an accident in a busy store.