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One of the top stores to visit is Lowes, but no trip is complete without your beloved pet. This leaves many wondering about whether Pets are allowed in Lowes.

Taking your pets out in public is lots of fun, but only if stores are accommodating and you are visiting a place, they are welcome. Lowes is asked about often because many homeowners visit on the weekends, and we will explain if it's allowed.

Lowes pets policy is friendly, and they are allowed in most stores. This policy enables pets, service animals, and emotional support animals to visit if they are caged or on a leash and well-behaved. Owners are also responsible for controlling their animals and cleaning up if an accident occurs.

Because Lowes accommodates service animals according to the ADA laws, they have made it a point to welcome all pet owners into stores. However, we should note that each location can enforce its own rules, so checking with your store before arrival is always recommended. This guide will explain the Lowes pets policy in detail.

We contacted local stores to gather information about the pet policy. There is also more information in the Lowes handbook and on their website indicating if specific stores do allow pets.

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Lowes Pets Policy: Are They Allowed

Lowes allows you to bring your pets in the store as long as they are well-behaved. You must have your pet in a cage, in your arms, or on a leash during your visit.

However, the policy does not allow pets to be left unattended in the store or on the premises. Pet owners are responsible for their pets, and any pets left alone are subject to removal without notice.

Please do not bring your pet into the store unless it is well-behaved, as you will have to supervise it while you are there.

Lowes mentioned in their official handbook that all service animals and pets are welcome in United States store locations. However, Canadian stores are much stricter and only allow service animals.

What Type Of Pets Are Allowed In Lowes?

Lowe's is a home improvement store that does allow pets in their stores. However, this doesn't mean all types of animals can enter stores. The rules for United States store locations state household pets, service animals, and emotional support animals are allowed.

Household Pets

The term household pet is loosely defined and typically applies to dogs and cats. However, Lowes does not restrict pet owners, and there have been incidents where the store allows owners with parrots or even pigs into the store.

The only problem that can confuse potential customers is whether the same rule applies to each store. One store may allow you to show up with your parrot on your shoulder, while the other may ask you to leave.

You can operate under the assumption all pets are allowed, by calling to check with your local store is the safest way to avoid an issue on arrival.

Service Animals

Some Lowes locations will only allow service animals. This is up to the discretion of the store’s management, and you will see a sign welcoming service animals at many locations.

Currently, only dogs can become registered and certified service animals, so this is the most common type of pet or animal to see in stores like this.

Emotional Support Animals

Lowes also allows emotional support animals to visit the stores. This includes dogs, cats, and even birds. The company has not seen any issues with these animals, but it is still good to know that they can be present in the store if needed.

Do All Lowes Stores Allow Pets?

You should have no issues showing up at a Lowes location in the United States with your pet. However, we always recommend calling your local store to confirm the policy.

There have been reported incidents where some stores decided to change the policies based on issues in the past. This can be attributed to dogs misbehaving or owners not following the rules properly.

Service dog owners have nothing to worry about, and all service animals will be welcomed into stores in both Canada and the United States.

What Are The Rules For Bringing Pets To Lowes?

Lowes is not vocal about its pet policy, leaving many guests wondering what the official rules are. Luckily, we could dig up this information by calling stores to find out for sure.

After discussing with multiple locations, we learned all dogs, including pets, can come into stores. But the following rules are critical to follow during your visit, or you can be asked to leave or take your dog outside.

Pets Must Be Leashed Or In A Crate

Pets must always be on a leash or in a crate while in Lowes stores. It is recommended that your leash be no longer than six feet.

You also have the option to carry your pet in the store. The primary rule is to restrict pets from freely walking around the store. This is also to ensure that the pet owners are not distracted and can't keep an eye on their pets at all times.

Pet Owners Must Have Full Control Of Their Animal

Lowes has a policy allowing pet owners to take their pets into the store. However, they should be aware of their responsibilities and have full control over their animals at all times while in Lowes stores.

Lowes also does not allow pets to be left unattended outside of the store, so if you need to leave your pet with someone else for any reason, it is recommended that you bring them back when you are done shopping for the day.

Pets Must Not Disrupt Other Customers

Pets are required to behave in Lowes store locations, and no disruptions to other customers should happen. Disruptive behavior includes barking, growling, or other aggressive behavior.

Owners Are Responsible For Cleaning Up Any Accidents By Their Pet

Lowes understands that accidents will happen in the store by allowing pets. However, if an accident does happen, the cleanup responsibility belongs to the pet owner.

You should bring bags with you as a precaution, but it has been reported in the past that Lowes will provide you with cleaning materials too.

How To Determine If Your Local Lowes Store Allows Pets

If you are looking for a place to bring your pet to Lowes and are unsure whether or not it is allowed, then use these steps below to find out whether they allow them. The policy is not universal at each store, so checking before showing up is the best option.

Call The Store

Calling the store is the easiest way to get a quick answer about bringing a pet. We have called numerous stores in different areas to discuss the policies with managers.

They are honest and easy to talk to. You will notice many of the people working at Lowes are friendly and welcoming to dogs.

Check The Store Policy Online

If you would like to avoid the phone call method, an online tool shows you pet-friendly Lowes locations too.

First, you must visit the Lowes website and find the store locator tool. This allows you to find stores based on zip code, city, state, or store number.

After locating the store you want to visit, you can open the store details for more information. If you scroll down, there is a store features section that includes vital information about the store, including whether or not they are dog friendly.

If you see the dog-friendly feature, you can assume the store allows pets.